Your OnLine Giving

Giving via Text Messaging is as simple as sending a text with the monetary amount you wish to give to 703-270-0500 (you may also text "Help" and the reply will explain what to do).  

If this is your first time giving via text, you will be prompted to click on a secure link and register by entering your name, address, and card information.  Once you register, your donation will be processed and you will receive a confirmation text.  

You may give to any of LBT's Funds by including the name of a fund after the monetary amount (undesignated gifts will default to the General Fund).  Text "Funds" and you will receive a reply with a list of our funds.  Once you are registered for Text Giving, in the future, you may simply text a monetary amount and your donation will automatically be processed, unless you text "Reset" which will delete your saved credit card information.

Giving online incurs a 3% fee that the church must pay.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would share the burden of this fee. Giving by a e-check incurs  a much smaller fee and of course there are no fees when using check or cash.

I thank you for using our new online giving feature.  I hope you find it convenient to use.

Pastor Nichols