Fellowship Groups are groups of 15-20 people that meet for 10-12 weeks to study the Bible.  Each Fellowship Group meets for 60 minutes once a week.

Our FALL 2021 Fellowship Groups begin the week of October 3 and last through December 13, so it’s just enough time to grow in your faith, learn something new and make new friends without feeling like you’re making a big commitment.

In-Person and Online Group options are available.

JOIN A fall fellowship GROUP BELOW:

1) Find the group that's right for you below.
2) Click "sign up" or the book cover.
3) Complete the simple form.
4) Your Fellowship Group Leader will email you all the Group details.

sunday fellowship group

monday fellowship group

Group 1

Group 2

our god and his children: a study into the heart of god

When: Sunday's @ 10:00am
Location: Loudoun Baptist Auditorium
Leader: Pastor Ron

one another: a guide for strengthening god given relationships

When: Monday's @ 7:00 pm
Location: Online Via ZOOM
Leader: David Hall

pre-register by phone?

contact the church office @ 703.777.1336 or email office@loudounbaptist.org


How often will my Fellowship Group meet?
Your Group will meet once a week for 60 minutes for 10-12 weeks online via Zoom  or In-Person. It’s a short-term commitment that will have a positive impact on your life!

Is there a group that’s right for me?
Since there is a variety of topics and groups meeting a couple nights of the week, there's definitely a group for you!

What happens when I sign up?
When you sign up, the leader of your new Fellowship Group will contact you and introduce themselves and provide the link or location for your group, the date, and time you’ll be starting  and all the other information you’ll need to have a great experience.

What will the people in my group be like?
Fellowship Groups are made up of people who attend Loudoun Baptist every week. There is great diversity in our church - which makes our Fellowship Groups so much fun!  You'll meet some new people as well as probably reconnect with others you met at a Loudoun Baptist service or event.  Fellowship Groups are a safe and fun way to connect with others and meet some wonderful people!